Rusted Toad Productions is pleased to present a treasure trove of music, a smattering of art, and links to fascinating blogs, all for your perusing pleasure.


The bulk of material on this site is found in the four music categories. The Temperate Climes is a musical project seeking to make good music with little more than a laptop. The jam-band M.C. Flowmaster has recorded a collection of funky, intricate grooves featuring a Rhodes keyboard, electric guitar, drums and bass. The Color Grey is more geared to introspective acoustic music, producing a small stable of beautiful tunes. The Solo category showcases some of my piano recording. Here you'll find dozens of free tracks to download.


The Art section of this site displays some of my visual art.


I have two blogs, (hosted by, one solely devoted to The Temperate Climes and the other to miscellaneous ramblings.