In the summer of 2004, The Color Grey merged with guitarist and tube-amp wizard Ryan Broderick. James switched from piano to a vintage Rhodes, and a new sound emerged:
M.C. Flowmaster, featuring The Fluff Apparatus.

the bandthe band, looking scruffy: Dan, Ryan, James, and Bryan

The Original Sessions

The tapes were rolling those first nights the foursome jammed, and the result was the following shifting, grooving series of improvisations.

drop the beat
__sounds like big money__
chase song omg
roads rubaiyat
stupid bass song
robots with lasers
jesus in stereo
jimmy jangles goes to the zoo

With a few sessions under their belt, the four buckled down and cut the following, slightly more polished, tracks:

St. Jimmy's Jam
Song 2 meets Strait 7


clockwise from top left: Bryan, Dan, James, Ceiling Lights, Rhodes, Ryan. (2004)

M.C. Flowmaster Live

A local favorite Italian restaurant/bar with a sweet patio hired the band to play around the July 4th weekend for a few years in a row. Live, unedited, unscripted, and largely unrehearsed, here are some tracks from the last of those hot, muggy, awesome Maryland nights.

Italian Food
St. Jimmy's Jam
Images of Spain
Dance Song Breakdown
Storm Surge
Cantaloupe Island
Song 2 Strait 7
Improv- Blues
Improv- dan's beat
Pug-nosed gal
Improv- Pop song
Improv- Lounge

Song 2 Reprise

St. JImmy's Reprise


The 525 Sessions

In 2005, Bryan and Ryan moved into a row-house in Baltimore. The old parlor soon became the new band-room, and many nights of loud jamming were attended to by the neighbors, hanging out next to the open window. On May 25, 2007, Bryan, Dan, James and Ryan played together for the last time- until next time.

Band Practice
St. Jimmy's Jam

G-Jam Long
Song 2 Strait 7
Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace (2)
St. Jimmy's Jam (reprise)

Drum Solo
Storm Surge
Images of Spain
slow dance

Song 2 meets Strait 7 (reprise)
El Amor y La Muerte


bandroom 1bandroom 2bandroom 3bandroom 4bandroom 5bandroom 6

the band room in B'more (2007)